ClicSeal Plus non-mix Lid

ClicSeal Plus Non-Mix Lid
ClicSeal Plus Non-Mix Lid
ClicSeal Plus Non-Mix Lid
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Assembly Time: fastest assembly in the market with a revolutionary patented clip design. NO MORE LOCK FEET!

Versatile: the new design will allow the same lid to work on 0.5 liter and quart/1.0 liter cans!

Strongest Lock On Can: provides 4 "hold" points that are 10 times stronger than other lids

Best Seal in the Market: Our revolutionary seal/gasket design seals on the inner chime of the can and drastically reduces solvent and water evaporation with fewer openings in the lid

Best Waterborne Lid: the removal of the lock feet eliminates the risk of scratching the lining inside the can. The smooth interior of the lid also eliminates areas that retain paint.

Fast & Accurate Pouring: designed with a precision pouring spout and plastic closure blade. Improved venting allows for greater efficiency with volume paint matching

Easy Maintenance: the plastic closure blade and seal can be removed for easy cleaning

Environmentally Friendly: all plastic and gasket materials are recyclable


  • 0.5 liter and 1 liter/quart as one lid

  • Available for waterborne and solvent paint products