a7 mixing/storage machine

A7 Machine
A7 Machine
A7 Machine
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Modular & Versatile: capable of mixing/storing 0.5 liter, quart/liter, 2.5 liter, and gallon/3.5 liter cans. Can easily upgrade by adding or removing shelves at any time and the shelves can be positioned wherever needed (7 units high maximum). Each unit can be heated or non-heated (heated units must be placed above non-heated units).

Direct Drive: eliminates motor belts and pulleys, minimizes noise and virtually no maintenance

Efficient: only 5 moving parts per shelf

Easy to Maintain: virtually maintenance free thanks to the direct drive, non-stretch steel reinforced belt, and only 5 moving parts. Also no disassembly is required to change a motor or a belt

Maximum Safety: no possible contact with any moving parts


  • Available in two sizes: 1.7m and 2.4m

  • Non-mixing storage units available

  • Heated or non-heated units

This item does not have a parts list.
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