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Odyssey Air Amplifier
Odyssey Air Amplifier
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Intended Use: blows air to accelerate the drying time of waterborne and solvent paint coatings. It amplifies the air intake thanks to the venturi air injection principle

Efficient: Air consumption is 16.5 CFM @ 3.5 bar (50psi)

Recommended working pressure is 2-5 bar (29-73psi)

Flexible: Handheld or stand mounted. Has an independent adjustable air intake valve to control output. It is ergonomically designed for precise positioning and comfort. It also has an easily removable stainless steel air intake filter to prevent contamination

Rugged: Made of corrosion resistant polished aluminum

No moving parts!

This item does not have set-up instructions, it is designed to be used directly out of the carton.
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